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Basement conversion has experienced a recent surge in popularity. This is partly due to the fact that the cost of living has become so expensive that many people find it difficult to consider moving to a larger property. Also, as more people choose to rent rather than buy, many landlords are converting basements into self-contained flats and apartments to cater for this growing need.

One such landlord, from Manchester, recently contacted a local contractor, Reform Construction, to facilitate the conversion of a basement into a habitable, self-contained two-bedroom apartment. In turn, Reform Construction contacted Twistfix to provide them with the superior-quality waterproofing materials needed for the project.

The first part of the job involved making sure that the basement was fully waterproofed. Even a small amount of water ingress can, over time, create serious structural problems as damp weakens the building materials. Once walls are saturated, colonies of black mould can form which, as well as being unsightly, can have a serious impact on human helath. A cental drainage system was installed to provide the solution, connected to a durable double-sump chamber.

The floor of the conversion was covered with Twistfix Baseline 20 waterproofing membrane. This robust, high-performance product has a very high drainage capacity and creates an impermeable waterproof surface which can then have floors and screeds directly laid upon it. Combatting seepage, the innovative membrane will provide many years of maintenance-free service. Wykamol 8 mm tanking membrane was applied to the walls and then attached to the Baseline 20 with corner tape, forming an impregnable, watertight seal.

With the cellar waterproofing complete, work began on the internal structure of the new conversion. Among other improvements, a brand-new entrance was installed, affording private access to the future tenant of the apartment. All of the major structural and waterproofing work is now complete to the owner's satisfaction: all that remains for them to do is to decorate and furnish before they can begin offering viewings.­Twistfix are proud to supply home owners and contractors with equipment that enables them to carry out such projects successfully.

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