Lateral Restraint Strengthens Bowing Walls

bowing wall

lateral restraint fixing

Does your house suffer from bowing wall problems?  If the external wall surfaces of your home are not plumb and they display evidence of undulation and bulging then the chances are that your walls have inadequate lateral restraint.  In order to connect the bowed wall to the main structure of the building additional lateral restraints may need to be installed.

Lateral restraints are extremely long wall ties that used to securely connect a bowed wall to the main structure of the building.  The ties are quick and easy to fit.  They are resin fixed to the bowed masonry wall and are screw fixed into a number of joists.  Floorboards and ceilings provide the necessary bracing.

Additional brick pinning can be used to tie perimeter walls to cross walls and party walls.  Long tie bars can be driven or grouted from the outside of the building to connect the external façade to walls running perpendicular to it.

Of course if the bowed wall is a cavity wall then the bulging may only be present in the outer lasf with the inner wall being adequately connected to the main frame of the structure.  If the outer leaf wall shows signs of bowing or buckling then this may be a sign of wall tie failure.  Look out also for horizontal cracks, which can become evident if the wall houses metal strip ties that are corroding.

Fixing a replacement wall tie system is now quick, simple and cost effective.  The Twistfix helical wall tie is a robust fixing made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.  The fixing is a self-tapping screw-in wall tie that is hammered into a small pilot hole drilled into the brick leaves.  The helix makes the tie rotate as it is hammered in to provide a screw thread connection that interlocks with the substrate to form a very strong physical link between the two walls.  Don’t forget to remove any metal strip ties that are suffering from wall tie corrosion.

Lateral restraint ties are a cost effective and permanent solution to strengthening a bowing wall, locking it in place and preventing further buckling.

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