Twistfix Basement Tanking System in Exclusive Staffordshire Property

sutton coalfield basement

Twistfix-registered contractor Damp-Tech (Midlands) Ltd, experts in all aspects of structural waterproofing, masonry repair and property renovation, were recently contacted by a homeowner requiring the installation of a full basement tanking system to two areas in a newly built house. The dwelling, located in Sutton Coldfield, is incredibly charming and, as can be seen from the before-and-after photographs, now has a basement area that is as safe and dry as it is beautiful.

basement water table

damp basement

basement membrane

basement decor

The new-build house is part of a development located in the smart and affluent area within Little Aston, a suburb of Sutton Coldfield in Staffordshire. A small and exclusive district popular among high-flying business people and premiership footballers, it comprises less than a thousand homes - of these, more than 10% have values extending into the £1m plus price bracket.

The subject property sits on ground having a relatively high water table, which has resulted in some water intrusion issues in the below-grade cellar areas. Damp walls and floors were of particular concern to the owner who wished to convert the basement rooms into extra basement living space.

Ensuring that the vulnerable underground areas of the stunning home were and would remain free from water and the damage it causes, a full basement tanking system was designed by Mark Edwards for Damp-Tech (Midlands) Ltd. The design involved the use of several Twistfix basement tanking products to introduce a water management system that utlised powered drainage, in the form of pumps and sump and a physical damp proof barrier, in the form of a cavity drain membrane.

Firstly, drainage channels were dug to allow excess water to flow safely to the desired drainage point and from there away from the property. In order to ensure correct flow, a sump pump was installed - a submersible pump is included with each Twistfix Cellar Sump Pump Kit which also includes all of the necessary pipes and fittings. The sump pump will effectively collect water from the channels and from waterproofing membrane, the next element to be installed.

400 square metres of Twistfix 8 mm Cellar Waterproofing Membrane was chosen for the walls and floor of the new basement area. This innovate cavity drain membrane is designed to create an impenetrable surface that allows intruding water to drain behind. The membrane is fixed with plugs having appertures in the plug-heads to fascilitate dry-wall lining on studs and the direct installation of floors. Fully BS 8102 (Type-C) compliant, the effective waterproof membrane will offer continued protection to the area.

The project is now complete and the exclusive property is guaranteed to stay dry and comfortable. Once again, Twistfix products utilised by its skilled twork of registered contractors has ensured an attractive, comfortable living area.

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