Sump Pumps

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Sump Pump AMA Drainer

Ama-Drainer series is part of KSB's latest generation of submersible sump pumps. They have a pumping capacity of 130-240 litres per minute and a 7-12m head, handling waste water with dirt particles up to a particle size of 10mm
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Pump Sump Kit

A heavy duty pump in a high quality water sump. This single pump sump kit is designed as part of a cellar or basement waterproofing system to remove water drained from cavity drain basement membranes
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Basement Pump Plus Kit

Heavy duty sump pump water control system with 2 pumps for use in basement waterproofing projects for the drainage of flood / groundwater from waterproofing membrane systems.
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Sump Pumps Total

Two heavy duty pumps in a high quality water sump and a UPS battery back up pump server. This kit removes water drained from cavity drain basement membranes even in the event of a power failure
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Cellar Sump Pump Kit

Robust sump and pump water control system for use in cellar and basement waterproofing schemes to remove groundwater from cavity drain waterproof membrane systems.
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Basement Pump Monitor

A basement pump monitor with sensors that record how many times the pump has been activated to discharge water from the chamber, how long it has run for and the total amount of water pumped out.
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Pump Monitor and Autodialer

Pump Monitor and Autodialer System comprises basement pump monitor with sensors and an Autodialer that can call designated telephone numbers in the event of the monitors alarm being triggered.
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Powerflo Battery Back-Up System

A battery powered back-up system for basement waterproofing membrane and drainage systems. Imperative in circumstances where loss of mains power or pump failure could prove catastrophic.
  • RRP £954.00
  • £954.00
  • £795.00

A sump pump is a device that removes water collected in channels or 'sumps' that are created as part of a basement waterproofing project. These sumps are designed to gather any water entering a basement into a single place from where the sump pump can safely route it away from the property. This water may come from a number of sources including high groundwater levels and from perimeter drains in a basement waterproofing system. A sump pump provides protection against flooding and also helps to remedy dampness in a basement conversion. Powered via the main electrical system of the house, a sump pump can also utilise its own battery, providing continued protection even in the event of a power failure.

Waterproofing a basement is an essential part of any conversion or construction project and adequate basement tanking systems must be used. When installed as one of a combination of basement damp proofing products including cavity drain membranes, a sump pump will provide total protection and will function at its optimum level for many years.

The Twistfix range of sump pump systems is an extensive one, designed to suit the widest range of possible projects. Our sump pumps are, like all Twistfix damp proofing, anti-condensation and masonry crack repair products, exhaustively tested, meeting all relevant health and safety standards. A solid, dependable member of our family of cellar tanking products, Twistfix sump pumps are designed to give professional results