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Homes in Greater Manchester have been restored to full strength with extensive use of high-quality helical bars and lateral restraint wall ties. Tenants had discovered cracks in walls above the ground floor bay windows, prompting council-surveyors to devise a pilot structural repair scheme.

A full inspection of the properties concluded that the cracks were the result of lateral movement of the masonry. The surveyors also suspected a failure of the timber lintel that supported the outside brickwork above the ground floor windows. A drawing was produced detailing all of the remedial work to be carried out; this drawing was passed on to Twistfix-registered contractors Carne Structural of Oldham who were appointed to carry out the repairs.

The first step in the refurbishment process was to remove the internal masonry leaf, replacing it with studwork and insulation to make the room drier, warmer and more comfortable. Twistfix lateral restraints were then introduced directly into the floor joists through a 14mm-diameter hole in the outer brickwork to prevent further lateral movement and bowing; this process was completed from outside of the property in order to minimise disturbance to the tenants, who remained in the property throughout the repair process. Each stainless steel wall tie was screwed into two floor joists using a setting key and the masonry connection of each lateral restraint was resin-fixed before being pointed, securing the bowed wall to the floor diaphragm and making the repair completely invisible.

Removing and replacing the failed wooden lintel was a process likely to cause major disruption and inconvenience so it was decided that a lintel repair using helical bar and grout to form deep masonry beams would be a suitable alternative. Slots were ground into the brickwork above the timber lintel and washed out before masonry repair grout and long helical bars were introduced while the brickwork was still damp. Once the process was completed, the brickwork was pointed up, matching the existing masonry and disguising all evidence of the repairs.

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