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As house prices and the cost of living continue to rise, many homeowners are using basement conversion as a way to create valuable extra space. A basement conversion can be used for a multitude of purposes, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms and even home cinemas. The first consideration that should be made in any basement conversion project is the provision of adequate basement tanking systems.

Twistfix-registered contractors recently carried out extensive basement waterproofing to an existing conversion in Manchester. Previous cement tanking had cracked, allowing moisture to leach into the cellar, creating damp patches on the walls. Mould had grown on these patches, making the damp atmosphere not only unpleasant but also unhealthy.

A basement waterproofing system was designed by the contractors, specifying that drainage channels be created right around the edge of the basement. Mains drainage was linked to an underground pump, providing a safe and secure method of extracting moisture. After this work was completed, a cavity drain membrane system was installed in preparation for a metal stud-wall system, through which the plumbing and electrics was routed. Once this comprehensive system was completed, the walls were was plastered and painted.

The basement conversion is now fully waterproofed and the atmosphere within is dry, warm and inviting. With two new bedrooms, and a dining area, the Manchester property has effectively doubled in size, increasing its value and offering years of added enjoyment to the owner.

Twistfix supply a comprehensive range of professional basement waterproofing memebranes. As eliminating all possibility of water ingress to a basement is so essential, our products are designed to offer the ultimate in safety and functionality; our entire range is thoroughly tested to meet and exceed all health, safety and quality standards.

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