Twistfix Wall Ties Elevate Birmingham Refurb

build tech lift shaft

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build tech lift shaft

Major structural repairs company Build-Tech (Midlands) are regular Twistfix customers and utilise products from across our entire range to facilitate their professional work. The company have recently completed a series of repairs in quick succession - look out for upcoming articles for more details.

The first repair job took place in Edgbaston, Birmingham and was performed on a building described by Build-Tech as ‘typical 1970s-built with a steel frame and concrete panels’. A high-rise structure that is a well-known landmark on Birmingham’s outskirts, the building contains lift shafts fabricated using pre-stressed concrete panels internally with large brick panels forming the outer skin.

During the years since the structure was built, the brick panels that form the outer walls of the lift shafts have become damaged, with cracked masonry and wall-tie delamination plainly evident. Working closely with the main contractor, T & D Design, Build-Tech (Midlands) carried out a thorough inspection to diagnose the problem and offer a bespoke solution.

The solution proposed by Build-Tech (Midlands) included the installation of the unique retrofit helical wall ties from Twistfix. Installed to a standard framework of 900mm and 450mm spacing, the wall ties delivered immediate structural strengthening without altering or damaging the original appearance of the building which the owners wanted to retain. The ties were installed through the outer enginnering brickwork skin directly into the concrete panel frame, via a small 7mm pilot hole, saving time and money for all involved parties.

As with all professional installations of Twistfix wall ties, the process was a complete success and has further improved the already-impressive reputation of Build-Tech (Midlands) as a reliable and trustworthy contractor. T & D Design, along with the building’s owners, were so impressed with the results that Build-Tech (Midlands) were immediately appointed to repeat the simple yet extremely-effective Twistfix retrofit wall tie installation process on the remaining lift-shaft housings at the Birmingham property.

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