Condensation Problem Solved

home ventilation loft unit

condensation stop kit

A housing association in Rossendale Lancashire had a problem with condensation in some of their tenanted properties. They contacted a local contractor to solve the problem and thus Burns Contracting (Barrow) Ltd of Blackburn was appointed the work.

The condensation was causing dampness and damp mould problems in the properties. Burns Contracting contacted Twistfix who recommended the Home Ventilation Loft Unit. The ventilation units started to improve the situation within days.

The home ventilation unit is an effective condensation control system for houses having a loft space. Sited in the attic the Home-vent with heater delivers air to the central hallway or landing to provide displacement ventilation throughout the whole of the home in order to improve air quality and resolve condensation related problems.

It has a discreet integral ”hours run meter” so that tenant usage can be confirmed at any time. It also has an integral intelligent low temperature comfort heater fitted as standard.

The Home-vent has very low power consumption, offering much improved air quality at minimal costs. Typically running costs are £00.01 per day with the heater disabled.

Twistfix offer a range of products to stop condensation damage including our handy condensation stop kit. Condensation affects millions of homes within the UK and becomes particularly common in houses which are poorly heated and have poor air circulation. If left it can lead to damp staining and black mould growth which is damaging to wallpaper, wall surfaces, window frames and much more.

The tiny spores produced by this mould, along with higher numbers of dust mites due to the moist conditions, can also increase the risk of illness such as asthma and bronchitis.