Electro Osmosis Damp Proofing

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Electro Osmotic Standard Kit

Lectros electro osmotic damp proof system. A scien­ti­fic­ally proven rising damp treatment using osmosis. Ideal damp treatment for thick brickwork and rubble-filled stone walls.
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Osmosis Damp Proofing Pro

The professional osmosis damp course kit includes a digital monitor that displays the electrical charge carried through the wall by moisture. Wet walls will conduct greater current than drier walls. 25m Pro Kit
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Pure Titanium Wire

Grade 1 commercially pure titanium wire for use in Lectros osmotic DPC systems.
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Platinum Coated Anodes

A pack of 25 platinum coated titanium anodes connected to pure titanium wire for use in Lectros osmosis DPC systems.
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Electro-Osmosis Damp Proof Monitor

A Power Control Unit / Damp Monitor. Displays the electrical charge carried through a wall by moisture. Lectros osmotic dpc system is CISRO Approved (Australian BBA equivalent) when this unit is used
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Copper Plated Osmotic Cathode

A copper plated cathodic ground rod for attracting free moisture molecules in electro-osmotic damp proof sytems
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Titanium Crimp Connectors

Commercially pure titanium crimps for connecting titanium wires when using an electro osmosis system for damp proofing stone walls with rubble fill. Pack quantity 10.
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Ratchet Crimping Tool

Ratchet crimp tool for use with Lectros crimps when connecting Titanium wire to form an Electro-Osmosis damp proof course
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Osmotic Power Unit

Standard Lectros power control unit for electro osmotic damp proofing.
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Damp Proofing using Electro Osmosis

Electro osmosis damp proofing systems generate sufficient osmotic flow to overcome the capillary forces that cause rising damp. Such damp proofing course utilises a series of platinum coated anodes, commercially pure titanium connecting wire, a copper coated cathode and a regulated power supply to drive excess moisture down the wall and back into the ground.

How does osmosis damp proofing work?

The anodes are inserted into brick, concrete or stone walls at regular intervals. The copper cathode is buried into the ground at a lower level and at least a meter or two from the walls. The power regulator imparts a small, but perfectly safe electrical current through the wall.

Free moisture molecules are repelled from the positively charged anode zone and attracted to the buried cathode. The flow is initiated by the movement of positively charged ions that are present in the pore fluid of damp masonry. The water surrounding the positive ions moves with them as the dampness is driven from the wall and harmlessly back into the ground, the osmosis damp proof course working like poles of a magnet to repel or attract.

Where would one use electro osmotic damp proofing?

An electric damp proof course is particularly useful in buildings having:

  • Rubble filled walls – Osmosis damp proofing is the only effective way to damp proof walls having a cavity filled with rubble.
  • Random stone walls – Damp proofing creams require mortar bed continuity whereas an electric system does not.
  • Low level timber floors – electro osmosis damp proofing system is the only rising damp treatment that can be installed in masonry walls above timber floor joists to drive excess moisture down to a level beneath them, fulfilling a vital purpose of an effective damp proof course

Once installed the osmosis damp proofing system starts to work immediately. Users can select the preferred option of damp proofing with an electronic voltage regulator having a digital read-out, allowing on-going monitoring of the osmosis damp proof course.

As market leader in the supply of electro osmosis damp proofing products in the UK, Twistfix is able to offer technical advice on damp proofing walls, in old houses or new, whether they are built from brick, block or stone. Simply call our help line to speak to an expert advisor.