Twistfix Ties make Light Work out of Heavy-duty Problem

bulged brickwork

concrete tiles adjacent slate

wall anchor kit long m12 ties

lateral restraint ties

Many homes in the UK exhibit signs of structural defects, though they often go unnoticed until the property changes hands and is inspected by a mortgage surveyor.  It is common-place to find out-of-plumb, leaning or bowing walls in old houses of the Victorian era. But home-owners need not despair as often there are simple and cost effective solutions to structural problems as the case study below demonstrates.

Permafix, a specialist in damp proofing and wall-tie replacement, are Twistfix-registered contractors and make full use of our entire product range in their varied work. The company recently repaired a property in London, the perimeter wall façade of which was suffering from serious bowing at the first floor level.

Contractors from Permafix visited the property to carry out a full inspection and identify the problem. Symptoms included the bulging brickwork, appearance of large gaps between the skirting boards and bedroom wall along with cracks in the corners where bedroom walls join to the front outside wall.

The inspection revealed that a recently-laid roof covering (slates had been replaced with concrete tiles weighing twice as much) was placing additional pressure on the wall. In addition inadequate constraint, due to a lack of joist straps and poorly bonded brickwork at the façade/ party-wall junction, was causing the brickwork to buckle, resulting in some serious structural issues.

Permafix contractors proposed a solution to the problem which would include the introduction of lateral restraint ties to securely connect the floor structure with the building’s façade. Twistfix grout-free 12mm ties were also specified to tie the brick façade back to the party walls, both providing much needed stability to hold the wall in place and to stop the problem in its tracks.

This repair specification allowed Permafix to complete the repair in a quick and extremely cost-effective manner with a minimum of internal disturbance - no floorboards had to be lifted or plaster removed in order to install the brick restraining products. The job was completed from the outside in less than two days and, once the drill holes were made good using colour-matched mortar, the repair was completely invisible from ground level.

Permafix have an extremely impressive reputation which they continue to build upon. Our superior product range is chosen by the company to complete its diverse projects and we are proud to be a part of their growth and development.

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