Another Perfect Solution from Newman's and Twistfix

masonry repairs from cherry

crack sealer epoxy resin

News of projects successfully completed by Twistfix-registered contractors Newman Building Solutions continues to pour in. The company, a leader in the building and structural repair trade, makes good use of our high-quality products to achieve their many diverse goals.

After being contacted by building contractors at the closing stages of a 12-month refurbishment to a six-storey block of offices in North London, Newman Building Solutions carried out a detailed survey of the property. Previously, the building had had scaffolding installed around it as part of the refurbishment. When this tube-and-clip scaffolding was removed, it was noted that substantial damage had been done to the brickwork; the removal of scaffold-ties had caused the brick face to crack and shatter. These cracks, clearly visible and unsightly, had marred the appearance of the structure and compromised its integrity in respect of driving rain.

The attractive but damaged building, prominently situated in the Angel area of London, required a comprehensive repair strategy to restore this lost  integrity and to reinstate the original brick aesthetics. This strategy included the use of an acrylate resin to fill voids in the brick that were formed by the drilling of the scaffold-ties and filling the hairline cracks with an epoxy resin filler. Filling the voids in this way guaranteed very high compressive and tensile strengths while repairing the brick face using high-strength concrete repair mortar left a perfect surface for applying a tint. Once this was applied, the permenant repair made sure the building was once again safe, strong and attractive to the eye. Many of these repairs involved the use of specialist access equipment such as cradles and cherry pickers, expertly operated by the highly-trained and experienced representatives of Newman Building Solutions.

Providing professional-quality damp proofing, crack stitching, resin injection systems, wall ties and crack repair products to the building trade is our speciality at Twistfix. It is always exciting to hear about projects and we invite our extensive network of registered contractors to send in their stories for publication on this news page. For more information, advice or support, please contact a member of our dedicated customer service team.

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