Dry Rot and Woodworm Infestation Solved by Twistfix and PermaFix

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dry rot outbreak

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wood paste preserver on oak

PermaFix, a Twistfix-registered contractor, have successfully eradicated a dry rot and woodworm infestation from storage units used by a church in Winchester. The storage units, composed almost entirely of timber and built on dwarf brick walls, had already suffered significant damage when PermaFix were called in.

An initial investigation confirmed the wood infestation and rot; the PermaFix representative finding it to be ‘intense’. Throughout the units, many floorboards and joists had been brought to the verge of collapse and it seemed likely to the experienced contractor that some of the original wood used to build the units had been weakened, tainting the rest over many years of unnoticed development.

The underneath area of the storage units was very damp, giving the perfect environment for woodworm - the dampness was found to be mostly due to a lack of ventilation beneath the floor. Contrary to its name, dry rot requires these damp conditions and was found to be rife throughout the buildings.

Though always a last resort, the units were so damaged that there was no choice but to completely gut them, removing the entire timber floors of each. Sub-floor ventilation systems were installed to allow airflow to assist in evaporation before new joists and floorboards, composed of french oak, were installed.

The remaining outer timber, along with all of the new interior, was treated using Twistfix anti-fungal and anti-woodworm products, ensuring that such an infestation will not happen again. PermaFix, as one of the leading timber treatment specialists in the South of England, choose only products that will facilitate them to carry out work of a highly professional level - this helps to ensure that all of their work, including that carried out on this project, is elegible to be fully-covered by an insurance-backed guarantee spanning 20 years.

PermaFix carry out a wide range of structural work from wall tie replacement and damp proofing solutions to woodworm treatment, basement tanking and many other structural repairs. With over 60 years’ collective experience, the leading experts of the company continually choose Twistfix to provide them with the raw materials necessary to complete their many diverse projects to the consistent satisfaction of their customers.

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