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A Manchester homeowner is now enjoying a cosy and comfortable basement conversion, using it as a general living area to enhance the size of their home. The basement contractor chosen for the job called our busy technical helpline for extra advice and we were able to recommend the installation of a complete cellar tanking system that would conform rigidly to BS 1802.

Waterguard drainage channels were fitted to the walls around the basement’s perimeter before being securely connected to a sump with submersible pump contained within. A highly-responsive sensor was attached to this pump, connected to a nearby alarm which would immediately notify the homeowner if water levels became dangerously high. To facilitate maintenance in the future, jetting eyes were fitted to the Waterguard channels.

Ensuring that all of the homeowner’s services could be fitted necessitated the use of Baseline 8 cavity drain membrane, which enables timber-frame studs to be fitted to the front of the waterproofing membrane. All services, such as electrical wires, were run between the timber studs and the membrane to ensure it was not penetrated and compromised.

Butyl rubber waterproofing tape was used to connect the membranes, which also fully sealed the vulnerable wall-to-floor junction to ensure the envelope of the basement was left with a water-tight lining. The water-draining management system was totally sealed, isolating the brickwork from internal finishes and allowing water to be collected and discharged dicretely without ever getting into the living area of the new basement conversion.

When the essential basement tanking process was completed, internal plastering took place before the homeowner could decorate and furnish the space. The basement waterproofing job is now complete.

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