Bulge in London Wall Restrained

nottingham place

westminster london

Butler Westminster Limited needed to repair and strengthen a structural retaining wall at Nottingham Place in London. The wall was bulging under the pressure of the ground; this pressure was worsened by the constant traffic surcharge above. They needed the wall to be fully reinforced and stabilised in order to prevent it from moving any further.

Obviously, Butler Westminster Limited wanted the most cost effective repair that would provide them with the best structural solution to the bulging wall problem. A bed joint reinforcement system was designed and installed by Twistfix registered contractor; Structures SE Ltd., who introduced long lengths of helical bars to span horizontally between steel posts in order to provide tensile restraint against further movement.

The high strength stainless steel bars were bonded into channelled-out mortar beds with a high strength polymer modified grout. Three Twistfix heavy duty helical bars were used to reinforce the wall at each selected bed joint.

The combination of our expert knowledge and our high quality products, installed by a competent registered contractor, meant that the London retaining wall benefitted from a cost effective and high performance repair.

Twistfix provide an array of structural repair products to ensure that distressed masonry structures can be fully strengthened. Choose from a wide selection of helical bars in various lengths and diameters, brick pinning kits, crack stitching systems and retrofit cavity wall ties. Our experts can advise you and guide you every step of the way...