Damp Proof Membrane

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Damp Check – Mesh Membrane Kit

Damp Check Kit provides an effective moisture barrier when isolating damp walls from internal finishes. The air gap behind the damp-proof membrane allows walls to breathe and water to drain. 10m Kit
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Tanking Membrane 20m

A cost effective high density polyethylene tanking membrane with 3mm studs formed on one face of the product and a mesh welded to the other side. Available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m or 2m x 20m roll
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Damp Treatment – All Cure Total

A universal damp treatment kit for treating damp walls above ground level. This 3 in 1 damp treatment system will stop rising-damp block penetrating damp and combat condensation. The product will cover 10m of wall.
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Slimline 3 Floor Membrane

A low profile 3mm cavity drain waterproof membrane for sealing damp concrete floors without extensive surface preparation. Size: 40m2
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Baseline Mesh Membrane Kit

Mesh membrane kit in 3 sizes with everything needed for waterproofing wall surfaces. These waterproof tanking membranes include a mesh face for direct application of plaster or dabs for plasterboard.
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Wall Waterproof Membrane – Baseline 8

Waterproof membrane for tanking walls and floors. Cavity drain membranes in 40m2 & 48m2 rolls for basement water­pro­ofing. Leaves surfaces ready for dry wall lining or floor screeds. Sizes: 40m2 and 48m2
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Epoxy Floor Seal Paint

Paint-on liquid damp proof membrane for new or existing floors. A two-part high hardness, abrasion resistant and waterproof epoxy coating. 2.5G or 5KG
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Damp Proof Membrane - Barriers that Keep Moisture Out

Damp proof membrane is a flat polythene sheet and it serves as a physical damp proofing course that is incorporated into a structure to stop rising damp in walls and floors. Profiled cavity drain membranes have an ‘egg-box-like’ shape to form a continuous air gap or drainage channel; they are often used to control dampness in existing buildings.

Damp proof membraneTwistfix Damp Proof Membranes feature:

  • Isolate plastered and decorated finishes from damp walls and salt contaminated masonry
  • Are robust, durable with a life expectancy greater than 50 years
  • Are quick and easy to fit
  • Have an optional mesh face that provides a key for plasterboard adhesive or cement render
  • Are available with; stand-off' stud sizes ranging from 2mm to 8mm

Air-gap membranes are particularly useful in projects that require waterproofing of cellar walls and floors, protecting wall sufaces against lateral damp penetration and allowing the immediate reinstatement of plastered finishes following treatment of rising damp problems.

Fix Mesh- faced Damp Proof Membrane Systems in 4 Easy Steps

  • Unroll membrane and spread tightly along the wall, bending it around corners where necessary
  • Drill 8mm anchorage holes through the membrane and into the wall
  • Secure the membrane to the wall by knocking plastic fixing plugs into the holes
  • Tape membrane edges and finish with dot and dab plasterboard, tiling or render
For help and advice on damp treatment products, proof membrane systems and physical DPC's simply call our office and speak to one of our technical sales team.