Masonry Repair in Kent by Twistfix Registered Contractors

chasing mortar joints

cracked brick wall

helical bars 6mm x 7m

masonry repair grout

Twistfix products have been used in the successful completion of a brickwork reinforcement project carried out by registered contractors DWC. The property is owned by the local Church, who's Architect, Essenden Design Ltd, used our find-a-contractor service to contact DWC, who quickly sent out their experienced structural masonry repair expert, surveyor Bob Bowdler, to carry out a comprehensive inspection.

The property is an imposing corner terraced house with a solid brick construction, located in the attractive area of Sevenoaks in Kent. Upon inspection, several significant cracks were observed in the external wall of the roadside elevation which were causing structural instability and would worsen if left unchecked due to constant vibration from passing traffic.

Working closely with the architect of the building and using the BRE Tables on brick beams formed with Twistfix helical bars, DWC designed a full remedial solution to include the installation of several Twistfix helical bars which, when secured with our specialist masonry repair grout, would provide much-needed reinforcement to strengthen the structure by distributing forces along the full length of each bar's helix. In total 20 helical bars, each 7m long and 6mm in diameter were used on the repair project, along with 12 tubs of grout. The bars were installed in pairs and bonded discretely into 4 strategically cut bed joints, each of approximately 16M in length; the reinforcement overlapping by 500mm where appropriate.

The job was carried out quickly and with minimal disruption to the property; time was an important factor due to the property's location on the busy corner. Bob Bowdler made continual visits to the property during the remedial work, ensuring that safety and quality levels remained at a consistent maximum and liaising with the Works Site Manager where necessary. With the brickwork reinforced and backed by an independant masonry structural repair guarantee, the property now awaits rendering to complete the project.

Offering a comprehensive range of property repair and preservation solutions for both homes and commercial buildings, DWC are a highly regarded company; their Essex office serving London Kent and the South East of England. For more information on their work, please visit the DWC UK website at

Twistfix are proud to supply our superb retrofit brickwork reinforcement bars to DWC along with our network of registered contractors, facilitating their essential work with consistently-reliable quality. For more information on our innovative masonry repair products, please contact our expert team on 0845 123 6006 or by email at