Damp Proofing in West Sussex Cottage Restoration

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Twistfix-registered contractors Perma-Fix Ltd, based in Portsmouth, recently restored a beautiful property using several of our high-quality damp proofing and waterproof tanking products. Located in the attractive area of Prinstead, West Sussex, the 200-year old thatched cottage had suffered extensively from problems caused by damp.

The front wall of the cottage suffered from a mixture of rising damp and penetrating damp caused by an increase of external ground levels. The road and pavement level outside the property is a full twelve inches higher than the internal floor level. When the initial survey by Perma-Fix found no visible signs of any damp proof coursing at all, a full system was quickly designed.

The solution involved the injection of a brand-new chemical damp proof course at 150mm above the outside ground level. The existing plaster, which had become saturated with damp, was removed and a 3 mm tanking membrane was applied to the wall with a dot-and-dab plasterboard finish. Additional work was then carried out to protect the sub-structure brickwork; this involved digging out the pavement and placing a 12" strip of damp proofing membrane against the foundation brickwork prior to backfilling.

“With many old homes being built along the south coast we are extremely busy damp proofing in West sussex, Hampshire and East Dorset" stated Perma-Fix director Mr David Cole. The Prinstead cottage is now completely protected from rising damp thanks to the damp proof injection. Additionally we have also provided a safeguard against penetrating damp by fitting, inside and out, a concealled cavity drain tanking membrane, which is normally used for basement waterproofing”. Restoring this attractive cottage has left its owner delighted and is a testament to how reputable contractors using Twistfix products can achieve highly-professional and lasting results.

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