Twistfix Donate Penetrating Damp Treatment to Sea Cadets

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Twistfix recently received an email from David Bradbury, Officer in Charge at the Southwark Sea Cadets, detailing a penetrating damp problem discovered at the organisation’s premises and requesting assistance. We were happy to donate a 25-litre container of our innovative and effective Enviroseal Penetrating Damp Treatment, which has now been received by Southwark Sea Cadets and used to its full potential, efficiently solving the damaging problem.

The Sea Cadet Corps operates nationwide and is composed of individual units, each of which counts as an independent, single charity. Offering a range of shore- and water-based activities created from Royal Navy customs that are designed to lay the foundation for a responsible future for the young people (aged 10-18) who access the service, the Sea Cadet Corps faces constant funding challenges to provide things like HQ maintenance, boats, road vehicles and essential technology.

The Southwark Sea Cadets’ premises had suffered for some time with blocked drains which had eventually caused water run-off to concentrate and create the penetrating damp problem. With the professional application of the Damp Treatment from Twistfix, the issue has now been rectified and the building is safe once more from its damaging effects.

Enviroseal has a siloxane/­silicone base and, when liberally applied to the masonry façade of a building using a spray, brush or roller, effectively repels damp and water from penetrating into block, brick and stone exterior walls. The unique formula allows the masonry to ‘breathe’ while protecting masonry capillaries, the silicone resin adhering strongly within, and a single coat is usually sufficient; porous brick walls will require a second coat which is applied while the first is still in the process of drying.

After the problem was rectified, David Bradbury got in touch with us again and said, “Twistfix’s generous support will help Southwark Sea Cadets maintain the building in good condition and continue to provide training opportunities for young people in South East London”. He also added that he found the treatment to be “simple to apply”.

We would like to wish the Southwark Sea Cadets a happy and productive future in their newly-restored premises.

For more information on Enviroseal, which also includes Masonry Water Repellent in addition to the Penetrating Damp Treatment, please call Twistfix on 0845 123 6006 or email