Baseline 8 Waterproofing Membrane — A Case Study

Our technical advice team has once again been successful in pairing up a house owner with a speicialist waterproofing contractor, resulting in part of the renovation of an attractive single-floor property in Essex. DWC Contractors, a specialist property preservation and damp proofing company, were employed to carry out full underground waterproofing work in preparation for the new basement area that was to be created. Alan Shaw, qualified CSSW/CRST surveyor and spokesperson for DWC, takes up the story…

waterproofing membrane

plaster membrane mesh

“The property, a bungalow, is built on a hill,” Alan explains, “which presented a challenging and interesting aspect to this project”. Detailing the renovation work, Alan said: “A large area to the front of the property was excavated, along with a smaller excavation extending slightly underneath the main structure of the building”. He pointed out that the waterproofing system DWC proposed for the project was designed “in full accordance with BS8102:2009 code of practice for the Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground”

Before the new basement space could be waterproofed, DWC operative first had to install a management system for water-ingress, which comprised a pair of sump pump total kits and carefully-planned drainage channels. New concrete is prone to free lime crystallising within it, a problem which can cause the drainage system to become blocked and dysfunctional. high performance concrete hardener/sealer was used to prevent the problem occurring and an alarm system completed this part of the process.

The walls and floors were then lined with 8 mm Cavity Drain Membrane, one of our best-selling products. Full kits were used as they offer the easiest and most cost-effective method of purchasing everything required for professional installation. Any water that does make it through the wall will drain harmlessly via the membrane to be channelled down into the sumps for appropriate disposal.

The basement measures over 100 square metres and so this was a large-scale job that was carried out with impeccable profes­si­onalism. It has significantly enhanced the value of the property, both in terms of usability and finance - the owners were impressed with the quality of the work and the products used and are now enjoying their new basement living area.

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