Brick Stain Dye

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Rustic Red Brick Staining Dye

Brick staining dye for permanently changing the colour of porous brick to a natural rustic red. 1L

Brick Stain - Old London Stock

Masonry dye to permanently stain porous brickwork a natural Old London Stock brick-colour. 1L

Limestone Tinting Dye - Hamstone Yellow

Limestone tinting dye for use in colour-staining porous stone to natural Hamstone Yellow finish. 1L

Brick Dye Testing Pots

Brick dye testing pots are used to test brick tinting colours before the purchase of our permanent Brick Stain solutions - 100ml

Brick Staining Soot Wash

Use brick staining soot-wash for blending new bricks placed next to dirty bricks in old brick walls. 1L

Brick Tint - Rich Brown

Brick tinting stain for use in dying porous bricks and masonry a natural permanent rich brown colour. 1L

Traditional Red Brick Dye

Tint absorbent brickwork with this masonry dye for a natural and permanent traditional red brick stain. 1L

Burnt Orange Brick Tinting Dye

Burnt Orange Brick Tinting Dye stains porous brick surfaces providing a permanent and natural change of colour. 1L

Classic Plum Brick Dye

Classic Plum coloured Brick Dye stains porous brick surfaces providing a lasting alteration of colour. 1L

Brick Stain - Old London Red

Permanently change of the colour of porous bricks with this Old London Red coloured brick tinting dye. 1L

Brick Stain - Old London Yellow

Tint porous brickwork with this masonry stain for a natural and permanent Old London Yellow coloured brick. 1L

Brick Dye - Coffee Brown

Dye porous brickwork with this masonry stain for a permanent and rich Coffee Brown coloured brick. 1L

Does your house look like a patchwork of different coloured bricks?  It is often the case that the failure to blend bricks adequately during repair works or the building of extensions leaves a property looking rather dishevelled.  The technique of brick tinting by applying oxide-based pigments in a potassium silicate solvent to give a colour-fast stain to the surface of brick masonry has been widely used for more than half a century to address just this issue. 

Brick stain dyes the masonry to produce a permanent modification of surface colour.­ The brick tinting solutuion is supplied with a selection of powdered pigment dissolved a potassium silicate fixative solution.­  Simply shake and use.  Our brick-coloured dye is absorbed into porous bricks and stones,­ where it forms a lasting chemical bond to stain masonry a permanent natural colour of your choice.
In contrast to masonry paints our compre­hen­si­ve range of brick-staining dyes do not alter the surface texture of the brickwork or stone masonry and are vapour permeable, allowing masonry to breathe.­  For a lighter shade the staining solution can be diluted, using a maximum of 2 parts water to 1 part brick stain,­ to produce up to 3L of brick dye at maximum dilution