Structural Repairs Successful - NBS Once Again Use Twistfix Products

cracked brickwork corner

brick tinting

helical bars 7m long

helical bars 6mm x 7m

The Helical Beam System from Twistfix has once again restored structural integrity to an unstable, damaged structure. The structural repairs were carried out at the Hammersmith property by Newman Building Solutions, a Twistfix-registered contractor with an impressive reputation that means they are the first choice for many public and private projects.

Suffering from historic and extensive ground movement due to shrinkage of the clay subsoil, a process that had led to displacement of the very foundations of the building, the load paths of the structure had become altered and misaligned, making the property less stable. At both ground and first floor levels, extensive brickwork cracking was clearly evident, with the worst areas affected being around window openings, where lintels hjad failed - openings are typically the weakest areas of any façade constructed from bricks. As a final insult, the ground movement had also caused serious cracks at the corners of the wall.

Newman Building Solutions make extensive use of Twistfix products, something that has helped build their impressive reputation. One of these products is the Helical Beam (Helibeam) System, which allows structural integrity to be restored without the need for disruptive, time-consuming and costly piling or underpinning. After forming a series of horizontal slots to ensure the Twistfix bed joint reinforcement system could be introduced into the brick walls.

After thoroughly cleaning the slots and 'wetting down' to reduce capillary suction, Twistfix helical bars were installed in single lengths (where the cracks were superficial) and two-by-two, creating the upper and lower chords of reinforced brick beams (where structural load failures had (occurred). The embedded twisted bars have the dual function of effectively and securely tying cracked masonry while equally distributing the unnaturally altered structural loads to restore stability and prevent further masonry crack repair being required.

Although a survey, lasting 12 months, proved that the ground was not continuing to move, using this structural repair method from the Twistfix registered contractor comes with a 10-year guarantee offered by one of the best insurance-backed guarantee schemes available; offering peace of mind should the ground ever move again.

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