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Twistfix crack repair products have been used to complete more structural repairs in London's aging housing stock. Registered contractor NBS successfully reinforced brickwork on a three-storey property in South East London that had suffered major damage to the rear outrigger. This is another example as to how our 'Find a Contractor' scheme solves problems for houseowners and provides an invaluable source of work for competent contractors.

All of the lintels on each storey of the Victorian property had failed entirely, causing them to drop. This had seriously compromised the structural integrity of the building; the brickwork above also dropped to reveal 1-4mm staggered cracks. Unfortunately, this problem is commonplace in many Victorian-built rear extensions.

After monitoring the progressive cracking in the masonry a local structural engineer designed a robust repair program using a combination of variousTwistfix Structural Repair Details.The traditional method of repair, remove-and-replace, is no longer necessary with modern innovations in building repair technology. By utilising the Twistfix helical bar system, employees of NBS were able to create masonry beams deep within the building's bed-joints, distributing structual loads. Combined with resin injection systems, which were used to fill and seal the fractured bricks, the structural integrity of all the lintels was restored, the work was successfully completed and then guaranteed against further movement.

This success story shows how Twistfix products utilised by a professional contractor can have amazing results while saving labour time and costs. Our modern, high-spec masonry crack repair products are manufactured to exacting standards and are guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations. We invite you to join our forum and sign up for our newsletter to keep informed of the latest innovations and offers. If you are already a Twistfix-registered contractor, why not send us your success stories to feature on this news page? For more information on how to become a Twistfix-registered contractor or for information on any of our damp proofing, wall ties, waterproofing membrane and mould removal products, please browse our website or contact a member of our dedicated team.

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