Bed Joint Reinforcement at Oxford Garage Block

oxford garage block

cracked brickwork corner

helical bars 7m long

Another project, this time to repair a severely damaged block of garages, has been successfully completed for Oxford City Council by NBS Total Wall Care, the Twistfix-registered specialist structural repair company. It had been noticed that severe cracking had occurred at many areas of the brickwork to the structure‘s flank elevation, which was also showing signs of distortion at a higher level.

The obviously-dangerous state of the building prompted the Council to request an immediate survey and the subsequent design of a repair plan; NBS were quick to respond and were able to send out contractors the very same day to carry out an urgent survey. After this was complete and the cause of the damage confirmed, the contractors quickly designed a bed joint reinforcement scheme that would be strong, durable and extremely cost-effective as well as causing minimal disruption.

As a regular Twistfix customer and installer of bed our retrofit bed-joint reinforcement systems, NBS Total Wall Care use a wide range of our products to facilitate their work and to ensure they achieve the most professional and lasting results every time. By using Twistfix 7mm helical bars to reconnect and reinforce areas of separated masonry, contractors from the company were able to repair the existing damage whilst protecting against damage in the future.

Slots are chased, to an approximate depth of 40mm, into the areas of mortar lying between brickwork, before flushing the bed joint with water to remove all dust. Then, high-strength Twistfix WHO-60 masonry grout is injected at high pressure before the helical wires are inserted within, leaving a recess of around 15mm which will provide a bed for repointing mortar later on. This method of bed joint reinforcement quickly and effectively restores the masonry to full structural integrity and is incredibly cost-effective compared to the use of a lengthy and complex remove-and-rebuild technique.

The project is now completed and Oxford City Council are extremely pleased with the results, which are supported by a genuine insurance-backed guarantee spanning 20 years.

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