Penetrating Damp - Solved by Twistfix and NBS

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The sight of sudden, unexplained damp patches inside a property create instant panic among home and property owners. One cause of this unwanted water ingress is penetrating damp, several cases of which were recently successfully repaired by Twistfix-registered contractor Newman Building Solutions.

The highly-regarded company have carried out lots of other similar jobs recently, particularly to period properties. These are the buildings most vulnerable to penetrating damp, whereby the porous masonry walls act as a sponge, drawing in moisture and transporting it via capillary action into the property. When rain is driven at force into a wall by strong winds, the problem becomes even more intensely damaging.

Newman Building Solutions carry out a full professional repair and renovation service, which starts with their generous offer of a free Structure Only survey to the outside of the affected property. Armed with this information, the specialist contractors can create a bespoke solution guaranteed to stop cases of penetrating damp and prevent their recurrence.

Prevention is, as the old adage correctly notes, better than cure - making sure a building’s masonry is well maintained and protected from frost damage (with no areas of spalling brickwork or missing mortar) is essential and spotting these issues early can lead to massive cost savings later on. Newman Building Solutions are experts in this type of maintenance, professionally replacing missing or damaged pointing and repairing (or in the worst case, replacing) any frost-damaged bricks. Once such work is complete, the contractors then test for water-tightness before completely and expertly disguising the area so it is indis­tin­gu­is­hable and does not damage the existing aesthetic.

Once the wall is returned to sound condition, Contractors from Newman Building Solutions use Dryseal, a powerful and highly-effective silane water repellent from Twistfix. This dries to form an invisible barrier that efficiently prevents capillary action, ensuring a durable repair and providing added resistance to damage caused by the thaw/freeze cycle during the colder months.

We asked Newman’s how important Twistfix Dryseal was to their work. Their simple and direct answer says it all - “We wouldn’t repoint a wall without it!”

Cases of penetrating damp look set to rise in number as the wet season once again takes hold. Make sure your company is well stocked up on essential damp protection products from Twistfix.

Want to know more about our solutions and systems to repair and prevent damp, whether rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation? Call our team today on 0845 123 6006 or email