Double Basement Conversion in Putney

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Two attractive neighbouring terraced houses in Putney have recently had a full refurbishment including the creation of a new basement that runs under the two properties. As with all basement constructions and conversions, great priority must be given to ensuring the area is fully waterproofed.

Putney, lying to the south-west of London, is identified as a 'major centre' in the London Plan. An affluent area popular with professionals, Putney is famous for its many rowing clubs and has been the starting point of the University Boat Race for more than 150 years. The extensive refurbishment carried out to the properties here in this exclusive area has considerably increased their value.

The owner and contractor of the properties began with the sidewards extension of one basement to a width of around six feet before a full excavation extended the area beneath the garden; the full head-height of the ceiling was maintained, making this a truly impressive space. To ensure that the structure remained free from water and its damaging effects on structures, a selection of Twistfix waterproofing materials were used.

As the basement was brand new, a complete drainage system was required for both foul and ground water. Sumps were dug and pumps installed to effectively carry away this excess water before basement waterproofing could take place. Twistfix waterproofing membrane was installed throughout the basement, covering the walls and floors to ensure a complete seal against water ingress and eliminating the problems that can be caused by damp such as mould and cracked masonry.

The finished basement is now divided into three sections, two of which are general living areas. The third, located in the garden basement, is now a stunning combination home cinema and playroom for the owner's young children. In an area where house prices are high and extra space comes at a premium, the creation of this beautiful basement area is a highly cost-effective solution.

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