Water­pro­ofing membrane

Basement water­pro­ofing membrane systems form a continuous impermeable envelope in cellars to keep damp and water out.

Cellar conversions are rapidly becoming a popular choice for those wanting to extend the size of their living accom­moda­tion without extending the size of their home.

Tanking membrane and floodwater management systems provide a dependable basement water­pro­ofing solution.

When planning a basement conversion consi­dera­tion must be given to the accumulation of hydrostatic water pressure that can result in the penetration of ground water into the cellar through cracks and at vulnerable wall junctions.

What are the options for robust basement water­pro­ofing measures that will keep damp and water at bay?

  • External water­pro­ofing membranes are used for capping or for new construction projects with underground cellar space. A double-layered geotextile membrane is fixed on the outside of the wall, prior to back-filling, to prevent water entering the cellar walls.
  • Cement tanking slurry is painted onto the inside of cellar walls to hold back the damp. Walls using a basement tanking slurry for structural water­pro­ofing behave like a dam to stop water penetration.
  • Cavity drain membrane is fixed over the walls and floors of cellar areas in existing buildings. The membrane incorporates stand-off studs to create a continuous air-gap from which water can drain, leaving the plastered finishes unaffected.

In our opinion basement tanking in existing buildings is best carried out with waterproof membrane systems. The membranes are supplied in a variety of roll sizes and stud depths. Finishing options include fixing studs and drywall to the membranes or, for membranes that incorporate a thermally bonded mesh, the direct application of plaster or plasterboard adhesive.

The studded waterproof membrane isolates wet cellar walls and floors from dry internal surfaces. Behind the membrane any water seeping through the walls drains into channels and sumps before being silently pumped away - simple, efficient and cost effective.

Basement tanking membrane is a quick and easy solution to basement water­pro­ofing issues.

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Wall Waterproof Membrane – Baseline 8

Waterproof membrane for tanking walls and floors. Cavity drain membranes in 40m2 & 48m2 rolls for basement water­pro­ofing. Leaves surfaces ready for dry wall lining or floor screeds. Sizes: 40m2 and 48m2
Price incl. VAT
Waterproof Membrane – Baseline 8 Kit

Water­pro­ofing membrane kit with everything needed for water­pro­ofing 40m2 or 48m2 of floor or wall. Fix studs to basement membrane plugs for dry-lining walls. Lay screed direct.
Price incl. VAT
Plaster Membrane – Baseline Mesh

Basement water­pro­ofing membrane for tanking walls. Mesh membranes have a tough HDPE mesh surface for direct application of wall plaster or adhesive dabs for plaster­board. Sizes: 20m2 or 40m2 roll
Price incl. VAT
Baseline Mesh Membrane Kit

Mesh membrane kit in 3 sizes with everything needed for water­pro­ofing wall surfaces. These waterproof tanking membranes include a mesh face for direct application of plaster or dabs for plaster­board.
Price incl. VAT
Damp Check – Mesh Membrane Kit

Damp Check Kit provides an effective moisture barrier when isolating damp walls from internal finishes. The air gap behind the damp-proof membrane allows walls to breathe and water to drain. 10m Kit
Price incl. VAT
Waterproofing Membrane – Baseline 20

Cavity-drain membrane with 20mm studs for use on cellar floors with 20mm studs. A membrane with high cavity drain capacity. Ideal for basement water­pro­ofing leaving ready for flooring. Roll sizes: 20m2 and 40m2
Price incl. VAT
External Waterproof Membrane – GeoTex

Double-layered waterproof cavity drain membrane for foundation water­pro­ofing in new-build appli­cations. High density polyethylene membrane bonded to a geotextile mat. Roll size 1.9m x 20m (38m2)
Price incl. VAT
Slimline 3 Floor Membrane

A low profile 3mm cavity drain waterproof membrane for sealing damp concrete floors without extensive surface preparation. Size: 40m2
Price incl. VAT
Tanking Membrane 20m

A cost effective high density polyethylene tanking membrane with 3mm studs formed on one face of the product and a mesh welded to the other side. Available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m or 2m x 20m roll
Price incl. VAT
Basement Membrane – 6 rolls

Basement membrane for tanking walls and floors in basement water­pro­ofing schemes. Cavity drain membranes are available in 40m2 and 48m2 rolls for cost effective basement water­pro­ofing. Multi-Pack: 6 rolls
Price incl. VAT