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Structural Stabilisation and Crack Repair in Croydon

When a middle-aged couple commissioned a survey on the house that they were buying in Croydon, the survey report came back with a list of defects that focussed on the many internal and external cracks in the walls of the 1950's-built property. In the surveyors opinion the cracks had been caused by a combination of lintel failure and localised drain failure that had washed away the foundations adjacent to the drains. The couple used the Twistfix 'Find a Contractor' service to obtain competitive quotes for the brickwork repairs.

Newmans of Hammersmith were selected buy the purchasers, who felt that Newmans offered a clear, concise and comprehensive remedial solution, set out in a professional report that proposed a full masonry repair strategy for restoring the structural integrity of the property and preventing any further damage from occurring.

The detailed survey carried out by expert representatives of the Twistfix Registered Contractor revealed cracking and sagging masonry at numerous locations, including the internal lounge front wall, kitchen/hall masonry partition wall and to both the front and rear external elevations. A drain repair and retrofit masonry reinforcement system was specified by the skilled contractors, to completely restore the affected areas of the superstructure’­s, delivering substantial resistance to any further cracking or sagging and restoring full structural stability.

The masonry crack repair solution proposed and subsequently implemented by Newmans was broadly similar for each individual area and included:

  • The installation of several twin bands of stainless steel helical bars, supplied as part of the popular and highly-successful Twistfix Bed-Joint Reinforcement System. These bands were horizontally positioned to create exceptionally-deep masonry beams and installed in full accordance with a detailed method statement.
  • The installation of a number of single stainless steel crack repair bars, each horizontally installed across existing cracks
  • The raking-out of all existing cracks before injection with Twistfix thixotropic cementitious grout - a highly-specialised formula
  • All work to complete the project to a professional standard, including making good disturbed mortar and matching its colour and finish as closely as possible to disguise the successful repair

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