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Lintel failure leading to a cracked brick soldier course is one of the most common structural defects of a brickwork facade. BRE Load Tables help to make sure that lintels are adequately repaired and strengthened in order to stabilise the masonry wall. If left unchecked, serious structural problems will become apparent and may eventually lead to a localised collapse of the masonry, posing a serious safety risk.

To regular readers of the Twistfix news pages, registered contractor Newman Building Solutions will be a familiar name. The company continue to share news of the successful projects they have carried out using Twistfix products.  The news stories generate leads from potential clients who have a property defect that needs to be resolved and these leads are passed to our skilled and trusted Registered Contractors to complete a circle that is beneficial to all.

A recent lead came from a building engineer who was appointed to manage the refurbishment to a Victorian semi-detached property in Edgeware, North London when cracked brickwork above window openings was discovered. Using BRE Load Tables for retrofit masonry beams formed with Twistfix helical bars, NBS designed a repair scheme that was designed to carry the loads above the soldier course lintels.

Bed joint reinforcement was installed above the windows to form the retrofit brick beam.  The beam was formed by installing a pair of Twistfix helical bars into each of two slots cut into mortar beds. Each pair of bars being bonded into place using polymer modified WHO-60 repair grout. In order for the brickwork in the beam to take compressive loads the cracks needed to be deep-filled.  This was done by a mixture of deep-pointing, where cracks were wide, and by the injection of an epoxy crack filling resin where the cracks were narrow.

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