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An array of Twistfix products has been used by DWC Contractors to successfully complete an extensive renovation project to a beautiful bungalow in Chelmsford. The project also included the construction of a brand new basement area; the underground waterproofing work being professionally carried out by the Essex-based specialist damp proofing and property preservation company.

“The bungalow is built on a hill, which presented an interesting and challenging aspect to the project” says DWC spokesman, Mr Alan Shaw who is a qualified CRST/CSSW surveyor. “A large area to the front of the property was excavated, along with a smaller excavation extending slightly underneath the main structure of the building. We presented and agreed a waterproofing system design in full accordance with BS8102:2009 code of practice for the Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground”

Prior to waterproofing the new underground rooms, operatives from DWC installed a water-ingress management system comprising two sump pump total kits (2 sumps and 4 pumps) and basement drainage channels. A high performance concrete sealer/ hardener was used to prevent free lime in the new concrete from crystallising and clogging the drainage system. Alarms with battery backup complete the management system, which was tested upon completion to ensure that no pooling of water will occur and the drain will remain clear and functional to its optimum level.

Once complete the experienced basement waterproofing installers lined the walls and floors with our best-selling 8 mm Cavity Drain Membrane. Full membrane kits, which also contain butyl rubber sealing tapes, fixing plugs and plug-seals, were used by the DWC in order to achieve the most professional results and to maximise both time- and cost-effectiveness. Any water that now seeps through the wall will drain from the membrane and be channelled into the sumps where it will be silently and effectively pumped away.

Now completely watertight, the 112 square metre basement is ready to be decorated. Its roof has been waterproofed and paved over to form a useful driveway and parking space, significantly increasing the value of the property. The owners are incredibly pleased with the quality of the work and now regularly enjoy the new basement space, which has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Essex-based DWC Contractors and the owners of the Chelmsford home were introduced via the Twistfix ‘Find a Contractor’ scheme. Twistfix are proud to supply our superlative range of products to professional and dedicated contractors such as DWC, who have taken the time to give us this case study on underground waterproofing for basements

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