Drainage Channel

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Waterguard Drainage Channel

WaterGuard is an engineered basement drainage system. The channel has profiled flanges to per5mit drainage from basement wall leaks and entry holes to collect incoming water. Available in 2m lengths
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Channel Outlet

PVC conduit drainage channel and outlet pipe for feeding flood water into pump-sumps when waterproofing basements and cellars.
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Waterguard Drain End

Watergaurd drain end connector is used to take water through an external wall where natural gravity drainage is available. Select appropriate drain end according to building orientation
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Central Drainage Channel

Central drainage channel is used in basement waterproofing systems.The channel has no upright flange, suiting basement floors having stepped footings or a central drainage run
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Jetting Eye

This jetting eye is an adapted drainage channel having an integral flip-top jetting eye. Fitted to the flangeless perimiter drainage channel, the jetting eye enables easy cleaning of the channel
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Waterguard Jetting Eye

Waterguard jetting eye is an adapted drainage channel having an integral screw-top jetting eye. The jetting eye enables the perimeter channels to be cleaned periodically, if required
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