Lateral Restraint

There are two methods of adding lateral restraint to the façade of a building to prevent or arrest bulging:

  • tie the external wall to partition walls running perpen­dicular to it
  • tie the masonry façade to floor diaphragms or braced roof timbers

Where the façade of a building is separating from perpen­dicular masonry partitions or party walls the two walls can be reconnected using axial constraint ties, which can be bonded to, or driven through, solid flanking walls and into the cross walls.

Where there is no tying mechanism between an external wall and the flooring diaphragm or stud partitions then lateral constraint can be provided by stiff remedial ties that are driven into the structural timbers and subsequently bonded to the masonry façade.

Axial lateral restraint ties offer a faster, stronger and less disruptive wall tie repair for bulging walls than can be achieved with traditional lateral restraint straps.

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Lateral Restraint Wall Tie Kit

Lateral restraints in a kit for restraining a bulging masonry wall by tying it back to structural flooring members. Repair kit includes 5 lateral restraint ties, resin, drill bit and setting tool.
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Wall Anchor Kit - 910mm Spiral Fixings - 10 Ties

A Wall Anchor Kit with long-series drive-in wall ties that form a chemical-free structural connection. Quick and easy to install with no material compa­tibility issues. 10pcs 910mm ties, SDS Tool and 1m drill bit
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Brick Pin Fixing Kit

A brick pin fixing kit for repairing cracks in walls. These masonry stitching pins are supplied for tying brick buildings, bridges and tunnels. Kit includes 10 heavy duty helical tie bars.
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Retrofit Wall Connectors - 10Pk

Retrofit Wall Connectors are long-series, 12mm diameter spiral wall ties that are driven deep into masonry to form a mechanical connection that needs no cement, grout or resin. Available 610, 760 and 910mm - 10Pk
Price incl. VAT
Structural Repair Ties - 10Pk

Structural repair ties are extra long 12mm diameter drive-in helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls. Lengths 1070 (42"), 1220 (48") and 1370mm (54") - 10Pk
Price incl. VAT
Lateral Restraint Ties

Retrofit lateral restraint tie for softwood. Ties a masonry wall to parallel floor joists in remedial appli­cations. These stainless steel tie bars are suitable for use in solid or cavity walls. - Pack of 5
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Bat Straps

Heavy duty bat straps with a 90° twist located 150mm from one end. These holding down straps secure and restrain structural floor and roof timbers to walls. Pack of 10
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Restraint Straps

Heavy duty restraint straps with 90° bend at 150mm from end for holding down wall plates and fixing walls to joists to enhance lateral restraint where timbers run parallel to the wall. Pack of 10
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