Waterproof Membrane Saves Playroom!

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Most recently Twistfix were involved in a project involving a basement conversion. The current basement tanking system which was in place had failed resulting in the basement actually flooding.

This obviously made the basement inhabitable by the home owners. Previously they had used it as a playroom for their two children but with the damp, mould and generally terrible conditions it was decided that the playroom couldn’t be used as it was actually causing health issues with the children.

A Twistfix registered contractor went to take a closer look at the basement and from this he specified a new basement waterproofing plan. Twistfix supplied the contractor with our waterproofing membrane which could then be applied to all the basement walls and across the cellar floor.

The waterproofing membrane is simply a heavy duty plastic sheet engineered to control the passage of any water ingress through use of integral drainage channels created by this studded waterproof tanking membrane

Isolating wet cellar walls from the waterproofing membrane mesh or plaster-board face the water will drain from the wall into channels and sumps. It is the sump, pumps and drainage products which can effectively and quietly pump any excess water away from the basement to a safe place.

Twistfix can advise you on which waterproofing membrane to choose from as well as which sump, pump or drainage product will be most effective for use within your basement.

After we supplied the waterproofing membrane the basement contractor fitted it and thus the basement was fully waterproofed. This meant that now the basement could be finished, decorated and once again be used as a play room without the need for any risk of damp or mould.

Now fully complete the children have their “basement den” back and the parents can rest assured knowing that their health is not at risk in any way from damp, mould or any ingress of water.