Structural Renovation to Worcestershire Farmhouse

fixing brick quoins

brick reinforcement crack corner

norchard farm worcester

helical bars 7m long

Twistfix-registered contractors Build-Tech (Midlands) have recently completed another restoration project with the use of materials supplied by Twistfix. The building, a working farmhouse, required an extensive amount of structural renovation after a series of defects were discovered.

The building is located in Dunley, a Worcestershire village that forms part of the beautiful Malvern Hills district. With the name of Norchard farm, the brick- and stone-walled building was built in the early years of the 19th century and, though providing an impressive service life, had begun to decay, showing separation of the masonry walls. The owners became concerned by the visible effects of this separation and contacted Twistfix for details of a registered contractor with the skill set to resolve the problem. Build-Tech (Midlands) who quickly sent out an investigative team to diagnose the problem and design a quick, cost-effective solution, was the builder selected by the owners to carry out the work..

After fully explaining the cause of the problem and the proposed solution to the owners of the property, it was agreed that work should immediately commence on strengthening the walls and restoring the structural integrity of the old building. Contractors from Build-Tech (Midlands) inserted an extensive series of long brick-tie pins which, inserted deeply into the walls, anchored to the front and back brick walls to the stone-contructed flank elevation. Twistfix spiral bars, were inserted into bed joints to form a swift, lasting stitch across the cracked areas of masonry. The high-tensile helical rods and pins are secured neatly benath the surface of the wall using our innovative, specialised, cementitious grout; here the fixings and reinforcement will hold strongly in place and support the structural loads for many yeas to come.

When all aspects of the project were fully completed, including the making good that fully concealled the repair, Build-Tech (Midlands) asked the owner of the property, Mr. Oakes, for feedback on the work. Mr. Oakes was quick to respond, asking that the enquirer from Build-Tech (Midlands), "please pass on (my) thanks to your operatives for a wonderful job and the professional manner in which it was carried out."

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