Cellar Conversion = Basement Waterproofing!

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Build-Tech (Midlands) and Damp-Tech (Midlands) have once again worked seamlessly together using materials supplied by Twistfix to carry out a successful basement conversion project. The work is now fully complete and the new space looks comfortable and inviting - as can be seen from these before-and-after photographs, this was a considerable achievement!

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Build- and Damp-Tech (Midlands) are regular customers of Twistfix and we have featured their work before in our news articles. This particular project, carried out at the beautiful Fetherston Range in Solihull, required that extensive structural work was required to the outside of the building before basement waterproofing could even begin.

The first part of the project was carried out by Build-Tech (Midlands) and involved structural work including the formation of a brand new entrance to the basement (from the outside) along with steps leading down to it. All internal walls were securely underpinned and new floors were laid throughout the basement.

When this was complete, the Damp-Tech (Midlands) team moved in to begin the essential basement waterproofing works. This involved using our best-selling 8 mm waterproofing membrane to line walls and floors throughout, creating a cavity drainage system that could divert any water in to the newly installled Twistfix sump pump system. The West Midlands team also carried out all finishing work, leaving behind a clean, dry and warm space for the owner to enjoy.

Waterproofing a basement is essential whether the space is to be used for living, storage or not at all. Living in a damp space is obviously unpleasant and also has health risks while anything stored in such an area will quickly become damaged. Even if a cellar lies empty and unused, damp can still cause structural problems and attract black mould, wood-boring insects and even wood-rotting fungi, such as wet or dry rot.

Twistfix supply a full range of effective products for cellar waterproofing methods, each of which is guaranteed to be of the signature high-quality that has allowed us to build our impressive reputation in the renovation and repair industry. If you are a user of our products, we invite you to send in your stories to feature in these news pages and our regular newsletter - links back to your company’s contact details will be included, offering the chance of valuable free advertising to our thousands of visitors and newsletter subscribers.

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