Basement Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing membrane

Basement waterproofing membrane for tanking cellar walls and floors surfaces. Ideal for basement or cellar conversions.
Membrane Fixing Plugs

Membrane Fixing Plugs

Membrane fixings are an important part of cavity drain membrane systems. They create the waterproof plug that prevents ingress at vulnerable fixing positions.


The process of damp proofing a basement or cellar is often referred to as Basement Tanking.
Waterproofing Tape

Waterproofing Tape

Waterproofing Tapes for all kind of purposes from Twistfix. We supply only high quality waterproofing tapes.
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Wall Waterproof Membrane – Baseline 8

Waterproof membrane for tanking walls and floors. Cavity drain membranes in 40m2 & 48m2 rolls for basement water­pro­ofing. Leaves surfaces ready for dry wall lining or floor screeds. Sizes: 40m2 and 48m2
  • RRP £179.00
  • £123.00
  • £102.50
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Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with Baseline 8 & Thermseal waterproofing membranes. Screw wall studs directly into aperture located in plug head. Quantity: 100/ 200
  • RRP £49.00
  • £41.88
  • £34.90
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Waterproofing Tape

A high quality waterproofing tape that is applied to the lap joints of abutting cavity-drain membranes. This flexible butyl rubber tape forms a water-tight joint seal. 22.5m x 28mm
  • RRP £39.75
  • £27.48
  • £22.90

Plaster Membrane – Baseline Mesh

Basement waterproofing membrane for tanking walls. Mesh membranes have a tough HDPE mesh surface for direct application of wall plaster or adhesive dabs for plasterboard. Sizes: 20m2 or 40m2 roll
  • RRP £161.00
  • £128.64
  • £107.20

Mesh Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with air gap mesh membranes. Roughened head provides a key for plaster finishes. Bag quantity: 200
  • RRP £51.20
  • £47.64
  • £39.70

Waterproof Corner Tape

A wide flexible membrane tape for sealing and waterproofing the wall-floor junction of cavity drain membrane systems. This 150mm wide waterproofing tape is available in 20m rolls
  • RRP £83.00
  • £52.44
  • £43.70
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Overseal Tape

A single sided overseal tape used to seal over the top of lapping membranes. It serves as a vapour barrier and a waterproof seal on externally taped joints 22.5m x 75mm
  • RRP £61.20
  • £61.80
  • £51.50

Waterproofing Putty

Hydraplug waterproofing putty is a quick setting cementitious compound. It is mixed with water and applied as a putty to plug and stop active water leaks. 5kg
  • RRP £27.50
  • £25.80
  • £21.50

Waterproofing Membrane – Baseline 20

Cavity-drain membrane with 20mm studs for use on cellar floors with 20mm studs. A membrane with high cavity drain capacity. Ideal for basement waterproofing leaving ready for flooring. Roll sizes: 20m2 and 40m2
  • RRP £190.00
  • £123.00
  • £102.50

Basement Membrane – 6 rolls

Basement membrane for tanking walls and floors in basement waterproofing schemes. Cavity drain membranes are available in 40m2 and 48m2 rolls for cost effective basement water­pro­ofing. Multi-Pack: 6 rolls
  • RRP £1094.00
  • £701.10
  • £584.25

Basement waterproofing products?

The call for converting basements continues to grow in popularity as homeowners seek a cost-effective and reliable method of creating extra living space within the home. Basement water­pro­ofing plays an essential part of any cellar conversion project as it is the key factor in eliminating all possibility of water ingress in order to protect the basement and maintain a dry, warm and healthy area. 

Being underground, a basement is more susceptible to the possibility of unwanted water ingress. The type of basement system to use is therefore an important consideration as a variety of methods are available.

basement waterproofing productsCement tanking slurry are one option for a basement tanking solution; it works by blocking water from entering a building under hydrostatic pressure. It is is vital the walls are prepared thoroughly before applying two coats the slurry onto the masonry. Once the final coating has hardened, a coat of plaster is applied to protect the tanking layer from damage in service.

One of the most effective and commonly used system is the installation of waterproofing membrane on the walls and floors of the cellar. This cavity drain membrane effectively seals the area and, behind the scenes, manages the flow of water to an exit drain; providing consistent protection against the damaging consequences of unwanted water entering the home.

Twistfix damp proof membrane and basement waterproofing products are manufactured to the highest standard and we also provide all of the accessories required such as waterproofing tape and mesh membrane fixing plugs.

Twistfix tanking slurry and floor junction fillet seal carry the same guarantee of quality as our entire range of products and we are the first choice for thousands of customers seeking reliable, cost-effective basement waterproofing products.­ 

An effective basement waterproofing system is vital for the longevity of a cellar conversion.­  It eliminates the need for other damp treatment protects against moulds and allows the converted space area to be enjoyed for many years.