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No More Damp Tanking Slurry.

No More Damp Tanking slurry is a cementitious waterproof system designed to form a permanent waterproof coating to concrete and masonry. 20kg Bag.
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Tanking Membrane 20m

A cost effective high density polyethylene tanking membrane with 3mm studs formed on one face of the product and a mesh welded to the other side. Available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m or 2m x 20m roll
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Renovating Plaster

A lightweight renovating plaster pre-mix with perlite aggregate & water repellent additives. For use following damp proof treatments or in conjunction with cementitious tanking coatings. 20KG
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Tanking Mix BBA

A BBA Approved tanking mix formulated for waterproofing basement and cellar walls. Mixed with 6.5 litres of water and used at the rate of 3kg of mixed slurry per sq/m, there is sufficient slurry to cover up to 12m2 per coat
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Water-Proofing Additive

A water-proofing additive for use in sand & cement renders following damp-proof injection treatment with Ultracure DPC cream. An essential part of effective chemical damp proofing in walls.
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SBR is a liquid latex admixture that improves the charac­te­ristics of cement mixes such as render, screed and mortar and can be used as a bonding primer to improve adhesive charac­te­ristcs 5L
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Universal Mortar

Universal mortar is a fibre reinforced cementitious mortar which cures rapidly to produce a high performance levelling coat , render and profiling mortar. Sold in 25kg bags.
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Waterproofing Putty

Hydraplug waterproofing putty is a quick setting cementitious compound. It is mixed with water and applied as a putty to plug and stop active water leaks. 5kg
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The process of damp proofing a basement or cellar is often referred to as Basement Tanking. As basement conversions are now such a popular method of creating extra living space, this process has become more important than ever before. Utilising a totally waterproof membrane applied to a masonry surface, basement tanking systems prevent water ingress and eliminate the negative consequences caused by damp such as structural damage and the growth of mould colonies that can be extremely damaging to human health.

Basement tanking products and their installation must be carried out according to the code of practice BS8102 which details how underground structures should be protected from water ingress. Surveyors, contractors and builders that do not comply with this code of practice are not guaranteed to carry out professional work and any basement tanking project should not be attempted without fully checking out the team who will be working on it. Drainage systems may be poorly constructed or even disregarded altogether in an attempt to cut down project costs but properly carried-out work including damp proof membranes will save on disruptive treatment of damp, mould removal and masonry crack repair in the future.

Waterproofing membrane can be incorporated into the structure either outside or in and can even be sandwiched between components of the masonry, providing a reliable and long-lasting basement waterproofing solution. Our cellar tanking products are, like the entire Twistfix range, manufactured to the highest standards and meet all relevant health and safety guidelines.