Crack Injection Mortar

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Crack Injection Mortar - Old London Red

'Old London Red' colour-stained crack injection mortar is ideal for filling cracks in brickwork ranging from 3-10mm in width. This adhesive crack filler pigment mixes with water – 2.5L yield

Crack Repair Mortar for Old London Stock Bricks

Colour-matching injection mortar for filling cracks in Old London Stock brickwork Mix pigment with water, injection-fill 3-10mm wide cracks – 2.5L yield

Classic Plum Crack Repair Injection Mortar

Classic Plum Crack Repair Injection Mortar for filling 3mm-10mm wide cracks in plum-coloured brickwork – 2.5L yield

Repairing cracks in brick-faced walls can be a tricky business, often resulting in an obvious eyesore.  We have a great solution for fixing cracks in walls quickly and easily with masonry-compatible crack injection mortars, which come in a range of natural brick-matching colours.

The colour-tinted brick injection mortar exhibits excellent flow characte­ris­tics, filling deep cracks and offering strong adhesion. The grout is applied by syringe-delivered pressure injection into cracks ranging from 3- 10mm wide. It can be used in both structural and non-structural ap­pli­cations.