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5mm x 7m Reinforcing Bar

£153.30 inc. VAT

You save £38.50Valid until 01/01/1970

Lightweight reinforcing wires. 5mm x 7m stainless steel helical re­in­for­cem­ent wire is ideal for use in existing buildings with narrow mortar joints having a height as little as 7mm. Pack of 5

6mm x 7m Bed Joint Rein­for­cem­ent

£186.90 inc. VAT

You save £47.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Retrofit bed joint reinfor­cem­ent pack containing 6mm x 7m stainless steel helical bars. The 6mm reinforcing bar is the standard size rod used for most masonry repair ap­pli­cati­ons. Pack of 5

7mm x 7m Helical Rebar

£231.00 inc. VAT

You save £60.76Valid until 01/01/1970

Super-7 helical rebar for retros­pec­ti­ve rein­for­cem­ent of masonry structures. The 7mm diameter spiral bar has greater sheer strength than the standard 6mm version. Pack of 5

8mm x 7m Heavy Duty Helical Bars

£273.00 inc. VAT

You save £74.69Valid until 01/01/1970

These heavy duty helical bars are ideal for bed-joint reinfor­cem­ent applications for use where additional sheer strength is needed. Pack of 5

9mm x 7m Reinforcing Steel Bars

£325.50 inc. VAT

You save £82.25Valid until 01/01/1970

These reinforcing steel rods are the strongest helical bars available. They are idea for use in strengthen cracked walls in old barns, stone churches and retaining walls. Pack of 5

Aluminium Foil Tape

£47.40 inc. VAT

You save £10.30Valid until 01/01/1970

Aluminium foil tape coated with a long lasting, ultra violet resistant acrylic adhesive on one side, and lined with a release paper to protect the adhesive face. This product meets class 1 and class 0 fire regulations - 75mm x 46m

Ancon Starter Ties

£11.40 inc. VAT

You save £3Valid until 01/01/1970

This screw-in starter tie is suitable for tying new brickwork and blockwork extensions, of up to 8 metres or 3 storeys in height, to existing buildings. Supplied in packs of 10 ties & 10 nylon plugs.

Ancon Wall Ties HRT4

£3.48 inc. VAT

You save £1Valid until 01/01/1970

HRT4 Ancon steel ties for domestic housing up to 10 metres high. Ties are CE marked, BBA certified and meet the technical requirements of the NHBC. 20Pk or 250Box

Anti-Conden­sati­on Paint

£53.94 inc. VAT

You save £14.80Valid until 01/01/1970

Anti-conden­sati­on paint for inhibits condensation by absorbing damp and moisture and improving insulation. The paint has a porous structure which absorbs condensation on ceilings and inside wardrobes. Moisture-absorption capacity increases with paint


£519.79 inc. VAT

Arch Repair Kit

£211.80 inc. VAT
Arch Repair Kit has everything needed the rein­for­cem­ent of soldier courses, brick arches and stone lintels. Stainless steel re­in­for­cem­ent bars form masonry beams and brick ties securely pin arches into the reinforced zone

Asphalt Repair Kit

£141.48 inc. VAT

You save £38.10Valid until 01/01/1970

Asphalt Repair Kit is a versatile cold lay macadam. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 3 x 25kg macadam in resealable & recyclable tubs

Baseline Mesh Membrane Kit

£126.00 inc. VAT

You save £33.25Valid until 01/01/1970

Mesh membrane kit in 3 sizes with everything needed for waterpro­ofi­ng wall surfaces. These waterproof tanking membranes include a mesh face for direct application of plaster or dabs for plas­ter­bo­ard.

Basement Membrane – 6 rolls

£1019.52 inc. VAT

You save £476.40Valid until 01/01/1970

Basement membrane for tanking walls and floors in basement water­pro­ofi­ng schemes. Cavity drain membranes are available in 40m2 and 48m2 rolls for cost effective basement wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng. Multi-Pack: 6 rolls

Basement Pump Monitor

£270.00 inc. VAT

You save £30Valid until 01/01/1970

A basement pump monitor with sensors that record how many times the pump has been activated to discharge water from the chamber, how long it has run for and the total amount of water pumped out.

Basement Pump Plus Kit

£882.00 inc. VAT

You save £147Valid until 01/01/1970

Heavy duty sump pump water control system with 2 pumps for use in basement water­pro­ofi­ng projects for the drainage of flood / groundwater from wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng membrane systems.
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