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The beautiful and imposing York Minster is one of the largest cathedrals of its type in Europe. As the seat of the second-highest Church of England office, the Archbishop of York, the building is highly-important to the Christian community as well as being a leading tourist attraction.

The site on which York Minster is built has had a church on it since 627 AD, when a wooden structure occupied the area. The building did not last and several others were raised and destroyed in its place before work began on building the current structure in around 1230. This work was finished by around 1472, leaving a truly imposing building with a Gothic chapter house and wide nave, a perpendicular quire and several beautiful stained glass windows. One of these, the Great East Window, is the biggest expanse of medieval stained glass still in existence today. As with many churches in the United Kingdom, political upheavals such as the Reformation and world wars caused damage to York Minster, which has nevertheless been painstakingly rebuilt and restored each time.

"Continual repair and refurbishment work still takes place to preserve the ancient Grade I listed cathedral and its precinct properties" said Mr Paul Green, Building Manager for York Minster Work Department. "While refurbishing one of York Minsters 18th century Grade 2 listed properties we discovered large cracks in the brickwork fabric of the building which we believe has been cause by old structural movement in various parts of the building. After removing the plaster and mortar from the bed joints we fitted Twistfix crack-stitching bars fixed with WHO-60 grout, rebuilding or repairing the brickwork as we proceeded. This will help prevent any further movement in the fabric of the building and enable us to re-plaster and decorate the property to make the repair work invisible."

We are very proud that our easy to use crack stitching products are regularly used to help reinforce and preserve buildings of such heritage. It is testament to the versatility of Twistfix Helical bars that they are equally effective in prestige projects such as this as well as in a great many homes and commercial buildings.

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