Cracked Wall Stitching Solution - Facilitated by Twistfix

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The renowned Twistfix find-a-contractor scheme has once again successfully paired client with contractor, offering substantial benefits to both. Tim Clarke Building Contractors, registered with the scheme, were offered a cracked wall stitching project by Twistfix and, after pricing the job and displaying credentials to the client’s satisfaction, were employed to carry out the essential repair work using Twistfix products.

The 2-storey property, located in the south-east of London, had suffered bomb damage during the Second World War and, since neglected, had begun to develop serious cracks around the damaged areas to both the rear and side walls.

Tim Clarke carried out the initial survey that identified the problem and completed the works in just one week after the initial contact from the client, who had originally contacted Twistfix to describe their unique structural problem.

Crack stitching is an essential part of property maintenance, particularly in older buildings. Twistfix are expert providers of a full complement of masonry crack repair solutions, including our best-selling Crack Stitching Kit.

The Twistfix Crack Stitching Kit contains, along with 10 helical bars, the grout and application accessories required for fast, reliable and professional results, every time. Our registered contractors are proud to use this and other Twistfix products in their work: Tim Clarke told us that he now uses our logo on his official letter-headed paper and has begun an advertising campaign to inform his many varied clients that he always uses Twistfix products to facilitate the success of his projects. He also said that after the absolute success of this cracked wall stitching in London, he intends to specialise more in this important area of renovation.

To find out more about joining our successful find-a-contractor scheme, whether your company is involved in anything from masonry crack repair to basement waterproofing, call Twistfix now on 0845 123 6006 or email