Crack Stitching Restores Period Property

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Lintel failure in period properties is a common problem and any sign of sagging or cracking to masonry should be acted upon as soon as it occurs. This structural defect presents a serious issue and cracks must be stitched promptly with high-quality products installed by professional builders or specialist contractors.

Newman Building Solutions are Twistfix-registered contractors who carry out a range of construction and renovation projects with the help of Twistfix products. A Victorian property in Bristol was recently reinforced by Newman's as part of a project to restore the structural integrity of this period property. After a thorough initial survey, Newman's designed a unique specification to allow installation of a lintel arch repair kit, to form a load carrying masonry beam, and crack stitching rods to reconnect the cracked brickwork above the window. The whole repair was carried out in a single day.

Twistfix deep masonry beams were first installed above the dropped lintel, evenly distributing the structural load. The brick soldier course was pinned back into the load-bearing brick beam using long series helical wall ties that guarantee against further slippage.

In addition to the lintel failure, a significant crack was evident. This crack, caused by a change in loading after the lintel failure had occurred, was stitched with the use of 1.5m single crack stitching rods that will provide long-lasting protection against the crack widening.  The crack was then filled with an epoxy resin filler to prevent damp and frost from making matters worse.

Upon completion, the owners of the property were delighted with both the quality of the work and the minimal amount of disruption caused. Once again, the combination of superior-quality products and professional contractors has restored a property to its former levels of comfort and security.

The Twistfix range of wall ties and masonry crack repair products is relied upon by thousands of contractors due to our impeccable reputations for quality and customer service. For more information on any of our crack stitching products and services, please contact a member of our professional team on 0845 123 6006.