Masonry Repair in London by Registered Contractor

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Another masonry repair contract has been carried out in London by a Twistfix Registered Contractor.  Property owners who require repairs on their properties can now contact Twistfix through our Find a Contractor Scheme. Once Twistfix receive the enquiry they can then pass the enquiry on to local contractors who are enrolled in the Registered Contractor Scheme for the required skill.

Mr Wilson completed the Find a Contractor form at for masonry repair and reinforcement at his South London home in Streatham.  Mr Wilson had some old cracks in the brick walls of his home that needed repairing.

Twistfix passed on his details to various Registered Contractors that service the South London area for masonry repair work.  Mr Wilson subsequently selected Bridgewood Builders of Cheam to carry out the reinforcing repair.

Bridgewood Builders ground out and cut a series of slots into the masonry mortar beds at the depth required and then cleaned out the slots ready to take the crack stitching bars. The WHO-60 masonry repair grout was the placed in the slots and a crack stitching bar placed into the grout central to the crack so the bar extended 500mm either side of the crack.

Once all the reinforcing bars where placed the masonry was then repointed and the brick repair was complete.

Once a structural engineer or other professional has diagnosed the problem and specified the remedial action Twistfix can supply a full range of masonry repair products that are all relatively easy to apply.

The kit is an easy to use versatile masonry crack stitching kit containing everything needed to carry out high strength masonry repairs in brick, block and stone. These are available as a standard 6mm kit or a heavy duty kit with 8mm bars.  Each kit contains; 10 x 1m bars,1 tub of masonry repair grout, mixer paddle, grout applicator and finger trowel.

A lintel repair kit for professional masonry reinforcement. The 3.5m bars span window openings up to 2.5m wide to support the brickwork above them. These are available as a complete kit or as a bars and grout kit only.

6mm Helical bars for masonry reinforcement, crack repair, foundation reinforcement or for window spanning brick beam lintels. These are available as a kit or bars only in packs of 5.

A pure epoxy designed to bond those hard to fill narrow cracks in brick, block and concrete walls. They can fill cracks as little as 2mm wide. Crack seal will keep out the water that turns to ice in the winter causing the crack to grow. The brick repair epoxy is available in red and grey resin is available for concrete or render.  Epoxy brick repairs should be used to compliment the masonry reinforcement repair and not to replace it.

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