Basement Waterproofing for Manchester Home

19 07 12 membrane

19 07 12 timber frame studs

19 07 12 sump pump position and high level alarm

A home owner in Greater Manchester required a full basement waterproofing to create a new living area. Having quite specific requirements, he employed a basement conversion contractor to assist. This contractor called the Twistfix technical line for help and advice. After discussing the available options it was recommended that a full cellar tanking system was installed to conform to BS1802 standard as the cellar was to become a habitable basement living area

The first step was to fit Waterguard drainage channels to the perimeter walls and connect them to a sump containing a submersible pump. Then a high level sensor was fitted to the pump and an alarm mounted on an adjacent wall, enabling the client to be easily notified in the event of unusually high water levels. Jetting eyes were also fitted to the drainage channels to facilitate future maintenance.

The home owner had many services that needed to be fitted in their new basement living area. To ensure this was possible, Wykamol 8 cavity drain membrane was chosen for the walls to enable a timber frame stud to be fitted on the face of the membrane. This enabled the many mechanical and electrical services to be run behind the the membrane in the void between the timber studs, thus ensuring none of these vital services were penetrating the membrane.

The Baseline 8 membrane was laid on the floor and connected to the wall membrane using a butyl rubber waterproof tape, fully sealing the basement envelope. The water ingress management system was fully sealed and isolated on one side of the envelope thus eliminating the possibility of water ingress into the living accommodation of the converted cellar.

After the basement tanking process was completed, the contractor was free to complete the internal plastering and decoration required by the client, leaving the homeowner with a warm, inviting and comfortable basement living area

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