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Drill Bits

Drill Bits

Long-Series and standard SDS Drill Bits, Brick Removal Chisels and Mortar Raking Chisel SDS online from market leader Twistfix.
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SDS Drill Bits

Superior SDS drill bits for professional hammer drilling machines. Includes long-series carbide masonry bits for the installation of remedial wall ties to tie cavity walls
  • RRP £8.34
  • £5.94
  • £4.95
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Wall Tie Fixing Tool - SDS Adapter

SDS drive adapter for setting Thor Helical CD remedial wall ties. The patented tool design allows it to spin around the tie end to deliver repetitive hammer fix installation at high speed
  • RRP £41.40
  • £33.00
  • £27.50
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Long-Series SDS Drill Bits

These long-series SDS drill bits are ideal for drilling deep into masonry concrete and brick walls. Available in lengths of up to 1 metre, the effective working length of an SDS drill bit is typically 60mm less than it's overall length
  • RRP £18.96
  • £15.12
  • £12.60

Plasterboard Fixing Tool Pro-Set

Plasterboard fixing tool set comprising a chuck collar and SDS punch. The collar is designed to fit a standard 43mm SDS chuck. The collar is adjustable to set the countersink depth of the punch
  • RRP £57.60
  • £39.00
  • £32.50

Extra Long SDS Drill Bit Sets

Extra long SDS drill bit sets for drilling up to 1.44m into masonry and brick walls
  • RRP £87.62
  • £73.02
  • £60.85

SDS Tool - 5mm Timber Frame Ties

SDS adapter for fixing 5mm helical wall ties during the construction of timber frame houses. Insert the tie into the tool and hammer 35mm into timber stud using the hammer-only action
  • RRP £30.30
  • £23.40
  • £19.50

Brick Removal Chisel – Tungsten Tip

This brick removal chisel has robust tungsten carbide tips to enchance wear life. Use in any application where single bricks need to be cut out without damaging the surrounding masonry
  • RRP £63.00
  • £47.88
  • £39.90

SDS Adaptor - 7mm Thin Joint Ties

SDS adapter for fixing 7mm helical wall ties into thin joint blockwork. Set drill to hammer action only, insert tie into tool and hammer the tie 85mm into Thermalite, Celcon or Durox blocks.
  • RRP £30.90
  • £23.40
  • £19.50

CDT-Adaptor for 12mm Anchor

SDS adapter for fastening 12mm diameter retro-fit wall connectors. The innovative tool design allows it to spin around the red end of the connecting device to deliver a repetitive impacts rapid installation
  • RRP £48.90
  • £40.74
  • £33.95

Mortar Raking Chisel SDS

This tungsten tipped mortar raking chisel fits into the end of an SDS drill. Used with care this mortar rake speeds up raking out horizontal and vertical joints without damaging brickwork
  • RRP £49.80
  • £39.00
  • £32.50
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SDS Fixing Key – Lateral Restraint Ties

SDS drill adapter for lateral restraint ties used to wind elongate remedial wall ties into parallel joists to connect a brick or masonry wall to structural timbers.
  • RRP £71.40
  • £63.00
  • £52.50

SDS Adapter for Plasterboard Fixing

SDS drill adapter for fixing Insofast 18A drywall fasteners. Dome head delivers repetitive hammer blows to dished head plasterboard nails for high speed installation
  • RRP £20.70
  • £17.40
  • £14.50
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SDS drills and drill bits were developed in 1975 for hammer drills. SDS is an acronym for ‘Special Direct System’, which comprises drill bits, chisels and consumables having a cylindrical shank with two open grooves held by the driving wedges and two elongate indentations held by locking balls within a chuck.

SDS tools are inserted 40 mm into the chuck by pressing simply pushing them it until they engage and lock into the chuck. The hammer action drives the bit up and down within the chuck.

Twistfix supply a range of tungsten tipped SDS drill bits for masonry and concrete. SDS bits have a 10mm shank with specially shaped ends to fit securely into a professional hammer drill having an SDS chuck or SDS Plus chuck.

A selection of setting tools and adaptors having SDS ends enable rapid power driven installation of various fixing systems. SDS bits and tools are not designed to fit into a drill having a conventional three jaw chuck.

Drill Bits