About us

Welcome to Twistfix, suppliers of specialised building products to the construction and refur­bis­hment industries.

Twistfix supplies an array of best quality and easy to use products for specialist contractors, consci­en­tious builders who are looking to widen their skill base and even the competent do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Twistfix damp proof products make damp proofing walls quick, easy and cost effective. Buy crack rein­for­cement ties or a wall crack repair kit for repairing cracked walls at trade prices. Select from a range of professional replacement wall ties or buy tanking membranes for water­pro­ofing walls in a damp cellar or basement.

For those looking for a contractor with the specialist skills to resolve a specific issue, use our Find a Contractor facility and have a local builder who has registered for that skill contact you.

Just looking for answers to a building or renovation problem? Trawl through our forum, it is there to help. Alter­natively call our help line for product specific technical assistance.

For wall tie replacement, crack repair, basement water­pro­ofing, damp proof treatment and much more, shop at Twistfix for top quality supplies, low cost prices and the best service in the UK.