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Twistfix products have recently been used to treat several areas of damp at semi-basement properties in Portsmouth. The cellar tanking work was carried out by Twistfix-registered contractors PermaFix and were incredibly effective, completely removing all trace of damp and preventing any further ingress of moisture.

PermaFix offer a comprehensive range of remedial services including eradication of rising damp, basement waterproofing, woodworm treatment and mould removal and prevention. The company have utilised Twistfix products on hundreds of properties, including several historic buildings and prestige homes.

Many properties in the Southsea area of Portsmouth are built on old marshland just a few feet above sea-level and have roomy half-cellars that have been a feature of the area since the 19th century. Most of these properties have been converted into apartments which, due to their low-lying position, are constantly exposed to damp. PermaFix were called out to inspect one of these properties, finding it to have  many damp walls; the level of moisture below ground level being unsurprisingly high.

Operatives from PermaFix first removed all plaster that was affected by damp and salt from the walls. After this process, a chemical damp proof course was injected; this was done above the outside ground level to ensure that rising damp was effectively halted. The internal walls were fitted with a Twistfix basement tanking system that, with the inclusion of a physical moisture barrier (mesh-faced membrane), completely ensured the continued dryness of the entire structure. To complete the remedial work, all plaster was completely renewed to disguise any evidence of repair. "It makes good sense to use a tanking membrane when waterproofing or damp proofing walls". said Mr D Cole, a Permafix spokesman, "It allows us to plaster straight away; keeping the upheaval to homeowners to a minimum."

We proudly supply our cellar tanking and damp control solutions to a diverse and ever-growing range of customers such as PermaFix. For more information on our superlative basement waterproofing solutions, please contact our team on 0845 123 6006 or email