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Twistfix-registered contractors Newman Building Solutions recently carried out repair works to a property in London, restoring its structural integrity after a prior improvement project. Areas of sagging brickwork above windows were strengthened using unobtrusive retrofit reinforcement techniques

Newman Building Solutions were employed by an elderly couple who live together in the Victorian house. As is common with buildings of this age, the old timber doors and window frames were removed in order to be replaced with safer, warmer and more economical uPVC. When old timber is removed in this way, the lintels often begin to fail which leads the masonry above to sag and crack, posing a significant danger due to instability and the possibility of collapse. The lintel failure occurs because the new uPVC frames do not have the same load-bearing capabilities as the original hardwood frames.

As experts in the area of lintel repair, Newman Building Solutions quickly designed an insurance-backed remedial scheme, specifying the Twistfix lintel reinforcement system.

Twistfix masonry beams, twin rods which lie in the bed joints to distribute loads, were installed and incorporated with our specialist cementious grout. After this, Twistfix 9mm stainless steel pinning ties were vertically inserted directly into the brickwork of the soldier course lintel, halting any further rotation or downward movement. To complete the remedial work, the panel was completely raked out before being injected with more Twistfix grout to ensure the entire panel worked as a whole, fully restoring structural integrity.

The work was made good with repointing, using a matching mortar. The brick reinforcement scheme, strengthened sagging brickwork above 7 windows. The project was completed in just two days, costing of a fraction of what the originally proposed remove-and-rebuild technique would have.

We are proud suppliers of a range of masonry crack repair solutions to contractors such as Newman Building Solutions of London. For more information on our range, including remedial wall ties and basement waterproofing systems, please contact our team on 0845 123 6006 or email