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Masonry crack repairs can be a daunting task. Older buildings are particularly prone to the problem of cracked brickwork although many new builds have also been known to suffer. Cracked masonry leads to the penetration of moisture, which can lead to a damp problem and widening of the fractures through freeze/ thaw cycles.

Structural repairs and crack stitching are quick and simple processes that are specified by professionals to strengthen and reinforce cracked brickwork.  Only structural repair products that have been proven by independent tests should be used for the masonry repair to ensure the problem is fully dealt with and will not recur.

A recent project Twistfix were involved with was at a domestic property in New Cross, South London. The homeowner had multiple problems with the brickwork of the house which needed serious attention. An expert survey by strucural repairs specialist and Twistfix Registered contractor, Newman Building Solutions of South London, revealed cracking above the front window due to lintel settlement and further cracking at the junction of the internal masonry partition walls. Above and below the floors, internal cracking to the flank elevation was also present. Previous bad repairs to the render and parapet wall had allowed moisture to seep behind the render, causing it to come unstuck and paint to peel.

The internal cracking above and below the floors was ties using 1 metre crack stitches, slightly larger 1.5 metre stitches were used for the left flank elevation and the cracking at the junction. Repairing the rear elevation required 1.2 metre grout ties with a 200mm return to fix the rear lean-to and to stop the rear elevation from moving outwards. New flashing was installed before the masonry was stabilised and re-rendered. Finally, the bay window was repaired in accordance with the Twistfix structural repair details. Reinforcement bars and helical pinning ties ensured a quality repair, leaving the homeowner happy, satisfied and secure.

The Twistfix structural repairs system is ideal for the renovation of cracked brickwork. With our impeccable customer service record and expert knowledge, we can guarantee satisfaction. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standard and we take an active interest in all projects involving the use of the Twistfix system. If cracked masonry is causing a problem in your property, Twistfix can help. It is best to repair any cracks immediately; the problem does not go away on its own and can lead to serious damp, mould and structural instability issues. Although masonry repairs are complex, Twistfix products used by a competent contractor provide total peace of mind.

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