Membrane Fixing Plugs

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Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with Baseline 8 & Thermseal waterproofing membranes. Screw wall studs directly into aperture located in plug head. Quantity: 100/ 200
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Mesh Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with air gap mesh membranes. Roughened head provides a key for plaster finishes. Bag quantity: 200
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Waterproofing Rope

A flexible waterproofing rope for for sealing brick and plaster plugs when fixing waterproof tanking membrane systems to walls. Can be used as a tape. 5m x 10mm
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Waterproofing Wall Tie

This 2-part brick tie services the basement waterproofing industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a polypropylene plug fitted with a seal, and a stainless steel helical tie. Quantity: 50
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Plaster Plugs

Hammer-in fixing for use with Baseline Mesh waterproofing membrane. Keyed surface to receive direct application of wall plaster or plasterboard on adhesive dabs. - Box Quantity: 250
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Waterproof Plug Seals

Synthetic waterproof seal for sealing brick and plaster plugs when fixing waterproofing membranes to walls. - Bag Quantity: 100
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Membrane fixing plugs are used to fasten cavity drain membranes to brick, block or stone walls.  The fasteners are hammered in to pre-drilled holes using a mallet.  Pre-formed seals, pre-fitted seals or butyl rubber rope form a waterproof stopper to ensure all fixing points remain watertight.

Select from three fastener types:

  • Brick plugs are used for dry-lining applications. They are manufactured with an aperture into which battens or channels can be screwed.
  • Plaster plugs are used for fixing mesh-faced membrane. They are manufactured with a knurled head that enhances keying for directly applied plaster or dot and dab adhesive.
  • Mechanical insulation fasteners provide another option for mesh faced membrane.  They are primarily used to fix plaster membranes where the building substrate is difficult to fix to.

Membrane fixings are an important part of cavity drain membrane systems.  They create the waterproof plug that prevents ingress at the vulnerable fixing positions.