Plasterboard Fixing Tool Pro-Set

SDS-Plasterboard-Tool-Pro 2
Product code ISF18A-SDS-PRO
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Plasterboard fixing tool set comprising a chuck adapter collar and an SDS punch.  The collar is designed to sleeve over a standard 43mm SDS chuck.  One end of the punch fits in the chuck and the other end is housed within the sleeve/ collar. The collar is adjusted to set the countersink depth of the punch
The arrangement enables rapid and repetitive setting of Insofast-18A drywall fasteners when fixing plasterboard insulation layers to walls. With the SDS drill set to hammer action-only mode the tool delivers a series of hammer blows to drive the helical anchor through the plasterboard and the insulation into the brick or block.
Lightweight SDS drills with a compliant 43mm chuck include:
  • Bosch PBH 2000RE
  • Bosch 2-18RE
  • Makita HR2450
  • Makita HR2470-1 780W
  • Skil F0151743AF
  • Black & Decker 710W 1.8J
  • RyobiI ERH650V
  • Wicks 620W
  • JCB 750W SDS
  • DeWalt D25013 (both 2kG & 2.3kG)
  • DeWalt DW005 Cordless

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